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(Part One) Technology & Human Insight: Social Engagement

For the next several weeks Where 2 Get It will be taking an in depth look at the role of social engagement in business and how the combination of both...

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How Far Can We Take Social and Local Search?

It is being reported that Apple quietly purchased Spotsetter this week. Spotsetter, a “social search engine” app co-founded by Google Maps engineer St...

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Why Instagram's Move to Facebook Places for Geo-tagging Matters for Your Business


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(Part Three) Where 2 Get It Presents Brandify 360—Brand Score & Social Engagement

In case you missed it, Where 2 Get It recently announced the acquisition of Brandify—an industry leading platform that evaluates and provides specific...

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Buzzword or Not, 'SoLoMo' Still Isn’t Going Anywhere

Roughly one year ago, Mashable Business Reporter Seth Fiegerman published a piece titled “Why 'SoLoMo' Isn't Going Anywhere” in which he explained in ...

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Social Media, Meet Online Listings

Luckily, we're only dealing with simple math: 1 + 1 = 2. Social media has been a game changer over the past six or seven years, not just digitally, bu...

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Catching Up On Foursquare: Monetization & The Powered by Strategy

We write about Foursquare a lot on this blog. Not just because we have a working partnership with Foursquare which allows us to ensure for our clients...

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Does Social Media Even Have Standards?

Finding the right tone for one’s business has been the subject of countless blog posts and articles over the years, and for good reason. When business...

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The Future of Social Media & Content Marketing

Clearly there has been a TON of media buzz lately surrounding the fact that Facebook Organic Reach — a metric that represents the number of current Fa...

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Google, Apple, Facebook & Mobile Ecosystems

This week, we are excited to feature a guest blog post from Patrick Cuttica, a Social Media Marketing Specialist at SocialKaty, Inc. Patrick weighs in...