Live from #BrandifyIt2016: The Changing Face of Local Search

Posted by Mila Hose on Aug 25, 2016 11:02:08 AM


As  a big-name brand, it can be easy to feel invincible, but small, local competitors can beat enterprise brands who are failing to optimize for the local experience. The combination of personalized, local business have the potential to consume the market share for bigger brands over time. One area in which big brands are severely deficient is review moderation. Listening to your customers and responding to reviews helps build brand awareness, resolve customer issues and increase engagement, but this is one aspect of local optimization that big brands fail to achieve. Phil Rozek of the Local Visibility System discusses how big brands can master review moderation, with Mindy Weinstein of Market Mindshift and Kyle Eggleston of Walgreens, as panelists and Greg Sterling of the Local Search Association as moderator.    

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Part 1: Data Quality & Digital Marketing–The Good (Data) & The Bad (Data)

Posted by Brandify Team on Nov 14, 2014 12:36:16 AM

Data has been a hot topic of conversation in the business and tech industries for several years now. Data is no longer just a term used by your IT team: In 2012, IMB’s Geoff Nunberg made the case that “Big Data” should be declared the word of the year as it morphed into a commonplace term, influencing almost every industry of business and even politics.

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The Evolving Internet of Things and Business

Posted by Brandify Team on Oct 24, 2014 4:23:00 AM

Last week we rounded out our blog series Technology & Human Insight, where we took a look at how Brandify combines the latest technological capabilities with real human insight to produce successful digital marketing insights. This week we want to take a different look at technology and how “The Internet of Things” is changing the way we look at mobile devices, communication and business.

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A Global Financial Company Optimizes its Local Search Efforts with Where2GetIt

Posted by Brandify Team on Jul 10, 2014 9:37:56 AM

Where2GetIt helps a global financial leader specializing in payment services that consists of more than 300,000 locations in 198 countries worldwide. With a company of this scale, it can be hard to even know where to start. The root of the problem was inconsistent data coming from conflicting sources. Our goal was to transform all location based information to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date location information so customers could easily find their way into a location.

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Where 2 Get It to Attend Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference (FCMC)

Posted by Brandify Team on Jun 16, 2014 12:00:20 AM

Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference (FCMC) - one of the most well-known conferences for multi-location marketing is just around the corner.

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