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3 Ways Hyperlocal Events Make Local Pages More Authoritative to Google

Posted by Edgar Estrada on Jan 28, 2016 12:08:00 PM

In the multi-location world, where brands can have hundreds or thousands of local pages, a common pain they repeatedly encounter is how to take organic local pages to the next level. These pages tend to be static in terms of changing content regularly and as a result, rarely acquire external equity-passing links. With the SEOsphere buzzing from all the recent reported drastic fluctuations in SERP traffic over the past few weeks and Google finally confirming Panda, one of their most spam-fighting algorithms, as an official component of its search algorithm, these changes must force marketers to think more creatively to provide value to their users.

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Facebook Takes Stake in Local with its New "Professional Services"

Posted by Edgar Estrada on Dec 17, 2015 12:19:08 PM

A series of recent strides has shown marketers that local intel is not only a priority for customers, but a main area of opportunity for brands using Social. And if you haven’t already heard, Facebook is working to establish themselves as the go-to for local inquiries.  After seeing the vast user base and review data that Facebook has,we can assume that this Local takeover is another play by Facebook to establish itself as a contender for social users to find information local brands.

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Facebook Page Update: A 5-Step Guide to Migrating Your Multilocation Brand’s Data

Posted by Edgar Estrada on Nov 5, 2015 12:43:00 PM

Through its ups and downs, Facebook has always found a way to make name in the headlines. If you’re a multilocation brand marketer that gets alerts send to your e-mail, you may have recently been noticing more close outreach to brand you have most likely received an e-mail within the past week asking you to remove your company’s main address from your Facebook brand page. This may seem like a simple tweak on Facebook’s end but we suspect it has larger implications about the way Facebook is grappling Local brand presence for marketers.  This blog breaks down what the change is, how to update your locations, and what it means for the future of local marketing on Facebook.

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Is Google Further Fragmenting the Path to Purchase?

Posted by Edgar Estrada on Jun 1, 2015 11:36:00 AM


Last week, Google dominated social media and news with its Android developments from its I/O conference in San Francisco. These advancements with the Internet of Things have our team excited for the future of local search! And now that the flurry of information has settled, I’m going to highlight three key takeaways from these developments and what they mean for your brand.  

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