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Live From #BrandifyIt2017: Fireside Chat with Amazon

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Sep 14, 2017 4:54:42 PM

A major player in the game and increasingly moving towards local, Amazon has tapped into the power of voice for the golden age of AI. David Isbitski, Chief Evangelist for Amazon Alexa and Echo, sat down with the Brandify Summit attendees and Street Fight's David Hirschman to give insight into the mass adoption of voice, uses of voice-first products and Amazon's overall “everywhere” strategy.

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#BrandifyIt2017 Day 1 Recap: Location, Data and Enhancing Brand Reputation

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Sep 14, 2017 2:18:17 AM

Day 1 of the 2017 Brandify Summit has given our attendees and viewers a world full of insight! Today, discussions revolved heavily around how the specific capabilities of location data can in turn translate into greater brand reputation pushes and strategic efforts to generate customer satisfaction

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Topics: Local Marketing, Claiming Locations, Local Advertising, Brandify Summit 2017, SEO

Live From #BrandifyIt2017: The True Factors for Discoverability with Barry Schwartz

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Sep 14, 2017 2:13:48 AM

Industry veteran and SEOphile Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable graced the Brandify Summit audience with his deep knowledge and insights on day 1 of the event. Schwartz took the audience down into the technical side of SEO, painting a picture of it's foundational elements and adding color by explaining recent updates and preparing for what is to come.

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Live From #BrandifyIt2017: The Future of Local with Travis Wright

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Sep 14, 2017 2:06:03 AM

In an industry where it seems like acting like acclaimed Mad Men will reel in loyal customers for our brands, the reality, as Venture Beat’s Travis Wright explains, is that the real winners are the “Math Men”. Data-driven marketing solutions that understand the needs and goals of brand marketers are just part of what the future of local holds for marketing technology providers.

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3 Ways Maps Technologies Are Getting Smarter

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Sep 6, 2017 9:05:00 AM

In the era of “near me” and “micro moments,” immediacy and context were what customers demanded of brands. But customers are getting smarter, and they now also require smarter ways of navigation to places of interest, and all this rests on location data (often crawled real-time or crowdsourced). Below are three ways maps technologies are getting smarter and how brands must follow suit.

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4 Tips For Optimizing Your Brand’s Online Presence With Yelp

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Aug 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

It’s no secret that online location management has become more complex and challenging than ever before.
With 88% of customers noting that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, review sites outside of social media are scaling in importance for brand trust. 

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What the Latest Google My Business Update Says about Local for Brands

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Jul 25, 2017 3:05:27 PM

Image via Mike Blumenthal
Back in November of 2016, Google began experimenting with the concept of including a messaging feature within Google My Business. With the hype of messaging taking full force, this month’s confirmation for a full roll-out of this by Google indicates several noteworthy things about why local marketing is more important for brand now more than ever.

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How Brands Can Use Voice Search to Win Local

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Jul 6, 2017 10:43:32 AM

In today’s world, vocal is local. In fact, Mary Meeker confirmed at last month’s Code Conference that with so many users on the go, voice is now beginning to replace typing online search queries. KPCB’s recent Meeker report notes that 20% of mobile queries were made via voice in 2016, while accuracy is now about 95 percent.
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Snapchat Seizes Local-Social with Snap Map

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on Jun 22, 2017 10:52:48 AM

The newly public Snap, Inc. has just released another update that shows how the app continues to drive relevance and personalization for users through location. Dubbed as the "Snap Map," Snapchat is now giving these users the opportunity to connect with friends nearby and in the long term, an opportunity for brands to reach users at scale.
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Google My Business Releases Version 3 of its API

Posted by Amber Kazalbash on May 6, 2016 11:53:48 AM

Six months after the release of version 2, Google has released another exciting
update to the Google My Business (GMB) API. This update includes several new features that will enable enterprises to more seamlessly update claimed store locations on Google listings and Maps. Brandify earned access to this API during its initial rollout, and has noted the ways the additional functionalities of the API can be supported in real time.

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